Hazard Assessment Report


PHIVOLCS hazard assessment services (HAS) is one of PHIVOLCS’ frontline services that determines if any earthquake and/or volcanic hazard is present in a particular parcel of land of interest to a stakeholder,
the result of which is contained in a Hazard Assessment Report. It is also responsible for providing hazard information packages requested by stakeholders.

Hazard Assessment Report (HAR) – the document that contains the hazard assessment for a particular parcel of land of interest to a stakeholder.
The HAR by itself is NOT an approval, endorsement or authorization for further government procedure.

This system is supported by GeoRiskPH. All hazard information are from DOST-PHIVOLCS. Hazard information may be refined as new data become available.

Rest assured that all information will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

***Hazard Assessment Reports are released three days after receipt of appropriate documents. PHIVOLCS will communicate with you once documents are found insufficient to begin hazard assessment.

***PHIVOLCS treats all request for Hazard Assessment seriously. Please fill out properly.

***Fee: Php 500 for brokers and developers.

***Fee: Php 100 for homeowners.